Monday, November 30, 2009

Gather Up

Alpha : Play Here

Concept: An Adventure game played backwards. The player starts out awesome and godlike defeats the final boss then slowly gives up their abilities working their way back towards the inciting incident that started the game.

Gameplay: Guns + RPG + Zelda + Collecting. The player runs around dungeons and areas killing monsters and collecting goodies from them to upgrade their weapons, progress further and advance the story. The main chunk of the game consists of a core main multipath dungeon with branching mini themed sub levels that need to be complete to progress.

Story: Years before the events of Level Up, Elizabeth Sable psychotic killer stalks the world attempting to eliminate every living soul who has 'Deity Syndrome' a unique condition that prevents people from ageing past their mid twenties and marks people as being chosen by god. A lone boy sets out to save a single girl from her fate to die at the killers hands. He might save the world and meet god too, you never know with these things.


Progress so far (stats are subject to change):
Engine/Core System - 70% complete
Guns :- 1/6
Areas :- 1/7
Story Events:- 2/??
RPG Systems - 0/3
Bosses - 0/4
Enemies - 3/28

Currently in Progress:
Extra Guns.
Karma for core system.
Starting area.
Enhanced dodging for core system.


  1. Is that the same version that shows up on Level Up's 100% completion?

    I really think you should improve the dodging. The backflip was annoying, specially because I was constantly falling from platforms... :P
    I loved the Zelda-ish jumping style. Worked pretty well. At first the shooting was a bit weird, but I got used to it.

    Good work, I'm waiting for the version 1.0! :D

  2. After playing Level Up, I'm left wondering whether the girl is the same person as the killer, the little girl or someone else.

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  4. it keeps going back to the start of the level when i get to a certain point - is it not fineshed or am i doing something wrong?
    level up seems better cause you control when you jump!
    Im a big fan of level up! I hope the sequel is fineshed soon!

  5. So, is this still in progress? My main critique is with the backflip dodge: in the levelup bonus sneak preview, it works just on tapping the button, where in the alpha it works upon releasing the key. I feel it works much better in the latter case. It took me too long to actually figure out that the backflip had made it into this build, and once I had, many were the times I was shooting at the little spiked buggers, and when it shot back, I'd smash down 'up' key, only to have it not do anything. After taking my licks and shooting it to death, I'd finally release the button, and backflip. Infuriating. But, fascinating concept, great gameplay, levels designed excellently and the jumping seems completely bug free which amazes me, i feel like a button jump would have been the LESS technically demanding option, but the condition-based jump feels great and natural.

    1. Hello DTBR,

      Unfortunately, it looks like he won't...I'd love to see what kind of games he's working on now though! Hopefully he'll decided to make this into an app one day. I'd buy it!

      I found this on Newgrounds website:

      ULTRAL337H4X0R 9/13/11:

      Sorry guys, but titch007uk has already stated in a forum post that he won't be finishing the second game.

      For those of you wanting his exact words...

      "Development on this project pretty much ground to a halt for two reasons

      Firstly I have a full time job working as a games designer for a flash games development company, which leaves me feeling not very inspired to go home and code some more.

      Secondly the whole thing has been going down a bit of a blind ally for the past 2 weeks of development. Gameplay isn't really fun and it's not really going to do justice as a sequel to Level Up without me scrapping a lot of stuff and re-writing it.

      Not dead for good, but on the back burner for a while. I do want to get another game out before the end of this year though."

      Mind you, this post was back in 2010, the odds of us ever seeing the completed project seem to get lower with each passing day, but at least we have the alpha versions.

  6. Does anyone know how to play the correct alpha version. the one i load up is nothing like the screenshots i see