Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Couple of new enemies

Neither of them have names yet. The one on the left is probably going to go in the hub area. The thing on the right, that I'm now calling an "Evil Roomba" is for the volcano base and will wind up and jet steam to move around as well as shooting with it's cannon.


  1. Right. I've been at the beach for a while so I missed all these posts, but only one thing deserves to be said:

    It's a DOOMBA!

  2. Hi, i've ended Level up yesterday and found it pretty fun and addictive. I've recommended it to my girlfriend and all of my friends.

    By searching any information about the next episode of the game, i found your blog and wooooh it seems to be much more - if possible - exciting than the first !

    Hold on !
    Daedril, a fan from france