Friday, December 18, 2009


Today I took the plunge and pretty much removed most of the features I wrote into Gather Up recently. I wrote the Z targeting system, it didn't work. I was in fact getting hit more with a system that was supposed to make it -easier- to dodge which made the whole thing a tantamount failure. I had half sense it wasn't a good idea because it was straying from the 'two button' paradigm, multiplying complexity (I have a rough calculation for it, but I'll talk about that another day).

There is a positive side to it. I've lost about 3-4 days of work, including some other stuff to do with the way ammo is handled. I re-wrote a huge chunk of the code to support the Z locking which transfers well (I had to remove/tweak a few lines of code to get back to the stage I wanted) so overall everything now works better. My issues originally was handing the gun between during dodge moves and I had to write that for the last system to work. So everything that respect is cleaner and better than if I had directly switched from one system to the other.

I've returned all the dodge controls to something even simpler than the demo. No more 'toward' and 'away' nonsense. You shoot the nearest thing pressing or holding X. You can roll any time but tapping down + direction. You can backflip any time by pressing up. Next up I'm going to alter the 'hover mode' to be a bit less crap and be more like a short period of floaty/flight type movement to add a Ariel dimension to fighting. I want to create something like the air suspension moves in Devil May Cry, sans actually having to shoot to stay in the air. If done right it should add something else new to the platforming element as well as combat. I've still got the issue of weapon and target cycling, but I think they will be manageable.

The other paradigm shift (see what I did there) is that I've changed with level I'm going to be doing for the demo build. A few people expressed concern about the lack of exploration and I think I need to address that as part of proof of concept. I'm quite happy with the results for linear areas, which feel a bit dead right now because they are awaiting the epic story content that is going to make them interesting to play. Since the movement mode has changed so much, I think I'll need to re-prove the open world mechanics of Level Up under Gather Up's altered movement mechanics and focus on fighting as well as collecting.

In other news. I worked on a house:
I'm not really sure about using this style right now. It feels a bit too busy and distracting and the windows/doors -really- clash with the brickwork. I do like the colours though.


  1. I don't have much time so I'm going to leave this:

    1- I honestly can't tell you about the controls, but 2-3 action buttons is the standard. I understand why you ditched the button, though it sucks that you had to redo that stuff in order to make easier controls.

    2- So Gather Up's NOT going to be all linear? Glad to hear it. Will it have a central connecting/shop area or will it have a different way of navigating through different levels?

    3- Maybe if you make the lines between the bricks smaller they won't stand out as much.

    I'm eagerly waiting for the demo.

  2. I don't really know what kind of changes your making and I haven't even seen the Z Targeting or Hover Mode in any of the demos to my knowledge. Soo, I'll leave comments on that for when I actually play the new demo.

    The house is decent. Your right that the door looks out of place, but I think a nice door frame would help that immensely. The window could probably use a border and/or to be slightly larger so it lines up with a certain amount of bricks evenly. The bricks themselves could be all the same shade to simplify more if needed.

    It's not bad right now though. The door is the only part that actually bothers me.

  3. I think I just realized a lot of things
    (SPOILER ALERT (this doesn't have to be posted))
    The little girl saved from Sable (in the Level Up! Bonus) is The Girl!
    The temple is also known as Sacred Grounds, where the computer is located now! And they both stay at the same age because they both have deity syndrome! YAY