Wednesday, December 9, 2009

More Animation Work

I failed to update last night, I was -not- having a good evening with Gather Up code. The new control scheme seems to be working out, I'm held back in testing because it's as buggy as hell since it doesn't really fit with my old state machine that ran the character code. Additionally I had to do a ton of animation work since you can now be locked on and not carrying a gun. On the bright side I have wipped up a kinda nice flip animation for the overhead dodge, (although the hover part of it is still questionable).

I uploaded Level Up to Kongregate today and I've been swamped by another bunch of bug reports I feel like I'm probably going to miss my deadline at this rate. Which is annoying, since there is a new Ludlum Dare competition I would like to enter over the weekend.


  1. Liking the animation work so far. Hope you get those bugs sorted out with Kongregate, and congrats on winning best of the month on Newgrounds!

  2. I think my last comment didn't register... anyways, why don't you use your Newgrounds profile page for blogging?

    Also, why did you get rid of jumping in Gather Up?

  3. @Nik

    I kinda want this blog to remain website impartial untill I have a sponsor for the next project. I've got people that I want to look at what I'm working on who aren't NG users. So thats why I have a blog here. I might add the NG blog as a cross post location when I get into all that. Right now updating the one blog is hard enough XD.

    I got rid of jumping because I don't like using a lot of keys. I knew the game was going to need a button for shooting and one for the menu. I didn't really want to add a third one for jumping. Additionally I don't want to create the jump fest dodging you tend to find in sidescrolling shooters. It's a bit of a design risk, but I think it might pay off.

  4. I don't really think you should count the menu button as one of your two buttons. Considering how rarely it is used, space bar or enter could easily be the menu button without interfering with normal controls.