Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Office Tidy Day

Usually on Fridays I have 'office tidy day'. This is when I clean up the junk on my desk because a tidy clean workspace makes me more keen to work on stuff. It's not Friday today, but it is almost Christmas and I spent most of the day cleaning anyway. So today was office tidy day.

There is a deep and meaningful reason behind having an certain weekday for cleaning. During my 'heavy' periods I start to pull 10 hours a day working on a game out of enthusiasm for the project. Doing it for a long time burns my brain out a bit, so the idea is by tidying, I've got something to force my mind of work for a bit. Or at the very least spread it out between bursts of tidying/cleaning that give me time to think about what I'm doing.

Due to my Christmas commitments, I won't be back to work until the 27th of December. Tomorrow will be my last game related post until then. Until then enjoy this slightly buggy animation loop of a 'riser'. You can grab them, they drag you up to higher ledges.


  1. When you say "of" I'm assuming you meant "off". Also, I sincerely hope you meant December 27th instead of November 27th. No updates for a year would be rather silly.

    Btw, do you make games full time? Do you actually make a living on flash games? Is Gather Up your primary project right now, or more of a side project/hobby?

  2. I work on games full time, although I hadn't made a concious commitment until it recently. Whilst I was working on Level Up I had been out of work for a while because of the recession. Since it's pretty much paid for itself (covering creation costs and 4 months of living expenses), I'm content to continue developing full time.

    Full time for me is 10 hour days, 6-7 days a week. Give or take, I'm back home with my folks right now, so some weeks my work hours suffer for it.

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