Thursday, December 3, 2009

Late Night Edit!

Guns galore in Gather Up!

Well, three guns. I don't know if that constitues galore yet.

I've got the Handgun, SMG and Scattergun working in Gather Up. Now with an awesome splash damage feature. Basically if you fire the scattergun enemies nearby take 'splash damage' dependin on their distance. With the SMG if you -miss- theres a chance that it will still hit an nearby enemy in a similar way.

The same will apply to the Rocket Launcher and Assualt rifle. It's a bit of a double eged sword though. Firing on enemies causes them to attack you, aggroing a whole bunch of Spikers with the shotgun is NOT pretty.

Also, I settled on a temporary control scheme for doding

Roll - Forward + Down.
Backflip - Tap Backwards.

Definitly needs another two types of dodge, neither of these for att attacks yet.

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