Sunday, December 20, 2009

Eternal Ascension Floor 1

New demo level went into production today (I still have the map for the Volcano base, but it's going on the back burner for now). Going to do the first area from Eternal Ascension. The 'hub dungeon' for lack of a better word. You'll need to work your way through this dungeon to access other areas and progress through the story. After each story checkpoint the dungeon will change slightly, so what you see here is ONLY the lower levels. It has a couple of unique properties. It's multi-pathed, although some paths will become blocked based on your choices progressing through the game. You don't gain any levels in it, Exp is just converted into currency. It will contain 'ghost' objects from other that can only be unlocked and become usable by completing said levels.

It awaiting some enemy designs and other bits. Should be able to start putting something together right after Christmas (I've got family around during the Christmas period who would glare at me if I spent it working on video games). To get a demo out in the second week of January, assuming I don't get nuked with something out of nowhere ruining my schedule.

I'm working on something to make navigation and combat more interesting right now. Don't really want to talk about it too much until I've proven it out on the prototype. Talking about features too much makes it too easy to get carried away in the hype.

Also is this awesome, or what :-


  1. Well that's a pretty cool idea for a hub, making it a dungeon and unlocking more levels as you progress, but you better make the new parts of it interesting. I'm curious to see how this will work.

    What I'm honestly more interested in is in the soundtrack. Is it a cd? Is it an audio file? Is it free? If it's not, then why shouldn't I just put the game on and listen to the music? Why do I like that music so much?

  2. It's free. It's not fully avalible just yet, it has to pass through moderation. I'll put up a link when it's done. It's there because Triple and I have had quite a few requests about the music.