Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mockups Yay!

So today I've been working on the first area of the game, because the rules are fairly complex, I think the tutorial is going to be a lot of work to get 'right'. The first area involves climbing up a base built into the side of a volcano. Lots of big catwalks stretching across between rooms cut out of the rock. Up the centre of the level is a big ominous pipe/machine thing.

On the left you can see the first and second pass on the boss area, I had originally been going for a classic orange/brown/red theme for the level. I've since changed my mind to a blue/red/orange one. I didn't like the look of the brown tiles and it all felt too traditional anyway. There's a lot of animation work to go into it yet.

The background is due for some pretty big changes. I want the player to be able to see the back of the Volcano as they climb out, but also have desert/mountains behind the outer area. The parallax for that stuff will probably be a real pain in the ass.

A bigger area test of the tile sheet. I tend to do these whilst making a tile sheet to make sure I don't need extra tiles before I dump it into Mappy to start drawing the map.

A possible enemy design for the area.

Hopefully I'll be putting a new alpha out in this area at the weekend, dependant on how much I can get done.


  1. That enemy design reminds me so much of the Nightmare.
    The last mockup is weird. There are doors, but there's a hole and window and it looks like that there's nothing behind the wall, so... :P
    This is sweeeeet! Nice to see the progress, keep it up!

  2. After playing Level Up!, I'd have to say that this is the flash game that I'm most looking forward to at the moment.

    If it's the first area of the game, I'd definitely go with the blue/red/orange theme. The brown/red/orange screams Endgame to me.