Monday, December 7, 2009

Volcano Base Progress

Elevator for the Volcano Base:

This is an elevator that features at the start of and half way through the Volcano Base level. Everything in the base I think should either be powered by steam or lava since that's what it's built for. For a lot of the mechanic parts I've been going for a steampunk-y look. Technology in the land of Gather Up needs to seem like more of a rarity to make the computer stand out for it's importance (mechanical devices on the other hand, appear a bit). There are two versions there, I decided that the moving parts moved in too much of a regular pattern, so I added four more frames so I could make the pistons movement look a little better.

I was mostly implementing my new map importing scripts today and doing some prep work on getting the first section of the level playable enough to release. I've started work on re-writing the player class file so that it follows the new handling style and the code still reads nice. The new layout is going to work something like this.

Z - Lock/Dodge Mode. Almost exactly like Z targeting in Zelda. Release to exit Lock/Dodge mode. (May add toggle option). You will probably be blocked from running off the edges of cliffs like this (but you would still be able to backflip/roll off them).
X - Shoot when in Lock/Dodge mode. Use in normal mode.

Dodge/Lock Mode -
Tap AWAY - Backflip.
Toward + Down - Roll.
Up - Air dodge (suspend in air for a few seconds).
Down - Tap to cycle targets. Hold to holster guns.

Practical reason for this. Basically I want for
a) People to be able to fire their guns when they don't have target, accidentally wasting ammo.
b) For there to be dodging/acrobatic areas that focus on traps rather than enemies.

Outstanding issues.

I'm thinking about having guns effect movement speed when in use. This would be frustrating if the holster button has to be held down. Possibly alter it so weapons just effect dodge cooldown. It's going to be much harder to execute a triple back flip when holding a sniper rifle and opposed to a handgun, for example. Weapons are going to have a weight attribute and it should have some kind of physical impact on the way the player moves.

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  1. That sounds really cool, I'm looking forward to trying it. Though I hope you will (eventually) add an option to remap keys. On a german keyboard, Z and X are like miles apart :)