Monday, December 28, 2009

New Battle Alpha Version

A new version of the Prototype

The final iteration of the combat controls. I'm pretty settled with the setup I have, although rolling needs some tweaking, as the player needs a little more control over where it ends, or you roll into enemies way too much.

You can roll/backflip/shoot any time. There are a few small animation bugs and damage can occasionally make the character misbehave. The new meter in the top left that increases when you shoot is basically a special attack meter. You hold down to charge it up and unleash a special attack which does crazy awesome stuff. Right now only the basic Nuke move is done (does massive damage to all nearby enemies) with a simple effect.

Tomorrow I'm going to work on adding Flight and Boost/Vampire to the specials and tweak out roll a bit so the player can adjust momentum within reason. Which when finished should cover all the complexities of the combat/movement part of the game. The new level should be preped enough that the next alpha version can be there rather than the temple, which I'm getting a little bored of myself. I don't want to make that leap until the new enemies (Basically ones that attack you to do damage rather than being damage on touch) are ready.

Also, yes, I was back to work yesterday. But I found out a friend had been in a car accident over christmas and it kinda knocked me for six when it came to focusing on development. So I didn't really achieve anything notable to post about.


  1. About the new build, as it were--it looks like the special gauge has some funky behaviors. It opens up when you fire, not necessarily when you fire -at- anything, which I'm not sure is bad but merits consideration either way. Also the whole meter seems to go away when you use any significant amount of it for anything, which I'm not sure I dislike.

    All in all, this is neat stuff, Level Up! was super tight, and I'm looking forward to this.

  2. The controls seemed very loose in some cases.

    I couldn't figure out how to use the special gauge, it just kept disappearing and the sign that explains how to use it was glitchy.

    Having to hold down the fire button to shoot and not having control over manual shooting was lame. I hope that isn't how the battle system is intended, I really preferred the previous method for that.

    But I accept that this was a demo meant to showcase certain features and any problems with it will probably be fixed.

  3. Is there a chance of some type of rudimentary swordplay being incorporated into the game? It would be a shame if, after that cliff hanger in level up, the hero can't even USE a sword.

  4. Man what CHC said is so true dude. the game must have swords. the entire time I was fighting nightmare I was so hyped up on how awesome he was thinking that that was what you where going to play as in the next game. she was so cool she had magic and range she couldnt be stopped. even if you dont make it with that kind of action at least make it that if you beat the game you can play as nightmare with all her powers and maybe even a different story line. Also Loved the game just letting you know how I felt. When I started to play that game I couldnt stop until i had finished the whole game it was so amazing. Keep up the great work.